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Featured Web Series

The AskNature Nugget web series was produced for the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute in supporting AskNature.org. Each Nugget features an intriguing functional strategy used by organisms and even whole ecosystems. The video begins by asking, “How does nature….?”


Colin Mangham produced and co-wrote all 10 of the episodes included here while acting Chief Marketing Officer for the Institute. He also co-created the webisode series concept with Andrea Leggitt (who came up with and championed the original idea) as well as Biomimicry 3.8 team members including Lou Ghaddar (UX/Motion Graphics), Ali Solomon (Communications Specialist), and Sherry Ritter (biologist and Certified Biomimicry Professional). The series is still going strong, averaging at least one new Nugget every month.


You can see more than 20 AskNature Nuggets on the Biomimicry 3.8 YouTube channel here. Also be sure and check out AskNature.org.


AskNature Nugget: Red Kangaroo


AskNature Nugget: Pistol Shrimp


AskNature Nugget: Feathers


AskNature Nugget: Starfish


AskNature Nugget: Giraffe

Produced, photographed, written by, and featuring Colin Mangham.


AskNature Nugget: Nature’s Chemistry


AskNature Nugget: Desert Holly


AskNature Nugget: Star-nosed Mole


AskNature Nugget: Fire Ant

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